50 shades of brown

Nov 29, 2015

Jacket: thrifted// Bag: Gekås ullared// Shoes: H&M// Trousers: ONLY// Top: Ginatricot// Vest: H&M Jewelleries: Bling

Hey everyone. It's past 7 at night and am sitting on the bus back home to Jönköping. As usual, I would have to enjoy the cool breeze in the bus and take a quick nap (which lasts almost the whole trip, lol) to later wake up and do other stuffs. So today I decided to blog. It was black friday two days ago and I had looked forward to it a lot, only to realize the shops are only selling crappy products no one wants to buy or they give ridiculously low discounts that almost don't count. That didn't just motivate me at all to get something I probably don't need. Long story short, I stayed home and did course works instead. 
So, to today's outfit. Brown is my new crush color right now. I do not own a lot of brown pieces in my wardrobe but I think I just found something to start collecting now. So this is the outfit I came up with. It was raining the whole time we were taking the pictures but we just had to finish what we had started.
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Have a great week ahead. Love you <3
Be good!
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Get ready with me- Uni/college edition

Nov 23, 2015

Hey guys, hope your day is going well? I just wanted to come by here quickly and let brief you about this video. Most days I wake up late for uni (actually 1 hour early, which is quite early) and never seem to have enough time to get ready. But there are still days that I get to look fabulous (vain!) and still be on time. Anyways, in this video I will be showing you what I wore last week to school as well as  the makeup. I hope you like it and please do not forget to subscribe if you haven't. 
LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEfO96ohwTs
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Be good!
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Sweater weather ft Klara dress GinaTricot

Nov 17, 2015

Hey world, how's the week going? Its been going great for me and am just trying to enjoy this warm fall weather (not!). I had been on internship for the past three weeks but now am back in uni. Follow me on snapchat @maggiepegg for daily updates. Internship was really fun and really educational. I learnt a lot of stuffs and I also got the opportunity to make friends with some dental professionals at the clinic I was placed. This is essential for me to stay connected in the dental world (yes we have a world of our own, lol). 
This was what I wore while going back to uni. This "KLARA" dress caught my eye the moment I saw it in the store that I just had to get it. It is super comfortable on and great for the cold. I would have preferred it a little longer but nonetheless, I love it. I am wearing a leggings to keep me from the freezing weather. 

Accessories: Glitter

I wish you a sucessful week ahead. Stay well
Be good!
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My reflections- My thoughts, outfit post.

Oct 15, 2015

Hey beautiful people, how are you all doing? So I was meant to post this since last week but just never really had the time to do so. Do you guys think about the meaning of life sometimes? Because honestly I feel like a lot of us just live everyday without taking a glance into what the future holds and look back to our yesterdays. We are all driven with different aspirations and goals that we tend to loose ourselves in the making. We shouldn't let ourselves get caught up in the roller coster of life and in my opinion I think more of us needs to sit down and reflect on what life actually is all about. Take for example, I like makeup (A LOT) but sometimes I do not need every single eyeshadow palette that is being singled out as "perfect" by the internet community. The point is, learn to discipline yourself, abstain from things that weigh you down and find time to reflect on your actions and the consequences attached to them.

Until my next post, stay beautiful
Love you all
Be good! 
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My weekend- Vlog round Gothenburg, Birthday, dinner

Oct 5, 2015

Hey everyone, how ya all doing? It's the beginning of a new week and I am just quite relieved that the weekend is over. Not that I mean anything bad but honestly my weekend seemed to last forever. It was a lot of planning, decorating, running errands, meeting friends. It was just quite tidious. 
I filmed a vlog to share with you guys how I spent my weekend. Click HERE to watch it, or you can just click on the video further down below. Can we take a minute and appreciate this beauty over here. She turned 50 last week and she had a celebration in church. I was asked by her if i could do her makeup and gele which I did. "Gele" is the nigerian headtie on her head like you can see in the picture above. She looked absolutely stunning and it was fun

Head on to my channel and watch the full video :) I hope you guys like it.  Don't forget to subscribe if you haven't.

Here is the video:
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