Sep 16, 2014

Jumpsuit- For busy intense sundays

Caption this!
Hey guys, am sorry I couldn`t post on sunday as it's supposed to be. I went to Gothenburg on Sunday for Church and came back the same day. It was my friend`s birthday that same day and I had to go over to his place immediately I arrived back in Jönköping and celebrate with him that same day and it was very late like around 12:00 midnight before I got back home. So ya all see I had my hands tied.

Sep 8, 2014

Seeing through His eyes- Church outfit

Hola! Happy sunday guys, well we all know what it is right? New posts on sundays. Alright so how was church for everyone that went? and to my none believers, how did you spend your sundays?

As usual, I was at church doing Jesus stuffs which is always fun. It turns more fun when you start seeing the beauty in every flaws and don`t care much if one choir member goes off tone but instead laugh over it and just have fun. Afterall, it`s not about us looking good and perfect, right? It's about Him up there so it's time we start having fun with him and break loose.

Aug 31, 2014

Black on wine- Lazy sunday outfit

Hi loves, happy sunday. How`s everyone doing? I just thought of sharing with you guys my sunday`s outfit. Normally I overdress when I`m going to church but this sunday my sickness wouldn`t even give me the energy to bother that much. So I played it safe with my black shirt from H&M and wine trousers from BikBok and these really confy sneakers I got on sales.

Aug 25, 2014

Black On Black- And a little rant

Hello everybody, it`s monday and for most of us, it means reality sets in. We are off to our different working places, schools and so on. Holidays are over and we are back to the same routine again and it`s easy we get stuck and forget to be happy.  Even as busy as our schedule might be, we shouldn`t forget to have fun.

Jul 19, 2014

My natural hair care routine

Hello guys!
Hey loves, I just thought of sharing with you guys my hair care routine. Taking care of my hair is a big pain in the ass for me, so am just trying to manage it. I wash my hair once a week but I make sure I moisturize it daily. I always moisturize it with this tresemme conditioner, and my sheer butter which is not in this picture. So here is a typical step I take for a wash hair day for me.
1) I start off by washing my hair with either of these conditioners, and seriously I actually have started to despise this ProSeries conditioner. So I stick with the Tresemme conditioner which is so awesome. Makes my hair baby soft. I rarely use shampoo, so after using the cnonditioner to wash my hair I also use it to condition my hair. I let it stay 30 mins.

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