Aug 17, 2015

Exotic Prints- While the summer is still here

Trousers: Only// Top: Indian store// Shoes: Nelly// Headpiece: Glitter // Clutch: Thrifted

Hey everyone, how you all doing? Hope your week was Amazing? I have been super busy and just enjoying my summer. Okay the summer here has not been too impressive I would say, it's been lots of rain and cloudy days but it started getting warmer quite recently and I just had to splurge. I bought some summer outfits and just made sure I got Everything I needed to enjoy this Little summer left. And I must say that I am already beginning to feel the need to get my Winter Essentials as well because we all know summer's just about to disappear soon.
This outfit was not actually planned but I thought it came out just right. I paired my White trousers that I hauled on my yt channel together with this exotic top/dress from an Indian store. The red shoes were gifted to me and it's from Nelly and my thrifted white clutch is not left out either. The headpiece is from Glitter and it was sold for 129kr.
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Jul 27, 2015

Pink affairs ft ankara bag|| Maggie Pegg

Top: Ginatricot|| Trousers: Bikbok|| Bag: MaggiePegg|| Shoes: Nelly

Rumour has it that pink is the hottest color on girls. Hey everyone, how's your week so far? It's Monday evening and I'm here sitting in my parent's living room blogging and making down notes of events coming up soon. This summer has really been so random for me and it's been filled with suspense, new experiences, opportunities and more. I have been getting involved in a bunch of projects that has to do with makeup and beauty and due to my disappearance on the blog I haven't been able to share that with you. Eventually, you guys will be getting relevant gists as time goes on.

Now to today's post which is CLEARLY all about PINK. Let me just start by saying, PINK is not my favorite color but sometimes I catch myself wearing it. I really liked how this pink trousers from BIKBOK and this wine top from BIKBOK compliments each other. I paired this outfit together with this ankara bag made straight from Africa. I and my sister will be having these kinds of bags in stock for sales very soon so if you need some just holla at me on my email margepegg@hotmail and I will get back to you.

  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me. You can either leave a comment down below, or you email me at  Also if you have any post ideas that you want to see on the blog, also leave a comment below. 

Have a great summer week and see you in my next post.
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Jul 18, 2015

S T R I P E S- Gothia Cup 2

Hey loves how's the week going. Let's talk about my blogging games this week, it's been on point ehn. Yaas to that. This picture is from two days ago and I will put on the rest of the Gothia cup days here. So you guys should keep an eye for those posts.

I took off my braids and let out my 'fro and that was how I rocked it most of this week. I decided to wear this lace closure wig that I made long ago. You can click HERE to watch how I made this week. Anyways, yeah so I didn't know what to wear and decided to go with these stripes shirt that's already been featured on the blog.

Day 3 and these Ghanian boys are on top of their games. They really put in effort while playing and what I really like about them is the brotherhood among them. They keep praising and encouraging each other to keep moving and be victorious. The day was quite nice and I really enjoyed myself.

See ya soon in my next post which is coming very soon.
Love ya

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Jul 17, 2015

Gothia cup- Maggie on the go

Hey everyone, a hurray for yet another post. I have been super busy this week and am likely caught running one or two events and running erands. It's Gothia cup week in Gothenburg right now. I t started on monday this week and the finals are held on saturday. So this is an international football tournament quite a number of countries involved. So some african countries came also but my favorite team are the Ghanian teams, especially the Right To Dream 17 year old boys. This team were amazing and they have literally won all their game which is amazing. The final is tomorrow and you have to pay a 100kr to watch the final but for these boys, am willing to spend all my coins.

Yeah so these are just my private pictures from Gothia cup. I will upload more random pictures right after this post. Don't worry loves, I got ya back.
Anyways, I hope ya all have an amazing day in continuation and I'll see ya in my next post

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Jul 13, 2015

Babe showed up || Random post

Hey loves, hope everyone is doing just fine. I don't know if you guys knew that I moved to work outskirt of my city Gothenburg to work and it was quite an experience. I have had an amazing opportunity to meet awesome dental professionals and lovely patients. I worked there for a month and it was literary the best experience ever. Advice to a future dental hygienist is to always grab any opportunity you get, be of good behaviour during your internship years and dare to stand out.

During this period, I wasn't able to meet my second half because of the distance and the bad traffic connections. So anyway I came back after a month and K came to visit. Honestly it felt like ages I'd seen him even though we talk 24-7 on skype, watsapp everything and he is the one that wakes me up every morning. But still seeing his face just made my day.

He actually came to church and we were suppose to go out for dinner after church to celebrate 9 months together but plans switched a little bit. Dad and the rest already planned to have a barbecue at the garden at home so we had to do something more casual. We went to get some kebab, at the best spot too and it turned out quite nice. But before we finally decided to do the kebab thing, we had gone round and round because I was being indecisive. Seriously this kid here has too much patience that I wonder which kind of human being he is. Anyways after walking around a bit, my heels started hurting I had to take them off man (you know a girl always got some flat shoes in her bag). But the day turned out great. We went to my parent's house and had the barbecue and he later went back home to Jönköping.

Anyways I hope you guys are all good and don't forget to tell the ones you cherish the most how much you love and appreciate them. It's truly very important and it could be that simple solution to a problem.
These pictures are from snapchat. Follow me on snapchat @maggiepegg. 
Love you, hugs.
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Jul 10, 2015

Makeup look- Wet n Wild palette|| comfort zone


Hey guys, so this is the look I created on my channel days ago. Click HERE to Watch the video. Anyways, I used the wet n wild palette called Comfort zone that I got quite recently. I know am super late to this palette and I HONESTLY Think, it's gotta be one of the most pigmented inexpensive palettes that I own. I have some of the other wet n wild palettes but this is my favorite one. I created a look using this palette and I hope you guys like it.

Products used:
Lumi maqique primer- Loreal paris
Makeupstore cover all mix- dark
Maybeline fit me concealer- 30
Mac studio fix fluid- NW45
Sacha buttercup setting powder
Black opal 12 medium golden Brown powder
Raizin blush- Mac
Wet n Wild highlighter- Fergie
Elf makeup mist & set
Eye primer/Eye shadow base- Jordana
Raizin blush- Mac
Comfort zone palette- Wet n Wild
Loreal paris gel eyeliner- Black
Cherry Blossom lashes #110
Lumene taple shock volume mascara
Bare all 777- Sleek lipstick
Lumene natural code lipgloss

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Link to the video:

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